Nocturnal Enuresis - Do You Know How to Handle Bedwetting?

Nocturnal Enuresis is just another way of saying bedwetting in children that are old enough to be already toilet trained. There are several causes of this condition including genetics but the bulk of the cases are caused by emotional issues.

Children may react to what they perceive as a trauma or anxiety ridden experience by being unable to control their bladders even though their systems have matured sufficiently to accomplish the task. In fact children may seem to be completely toilet trained and then revert back to bedwetting after one of these events occurs in their life.

Losing a parent in a divorce or through death, having a new sibling enter the family, child abuse, loss of a pet are all types of events that can cause nocturnal enuresis. In addition, high anxiety events like the first day at school, or the first time the child is left in someone else's care like at day care or camp can trigger an episode.

Occasionally this problem will persist into the teens and that can have a major impact on how the child develops socially. It's only natural that an older child who thinks that bedwetting is wrong would avoid situations where he or she might be discovered as a bed wetter like at camp or a sleepover. This can seriously impact on their ability to socialize and on their own self image.

Of course the first step in correcting nocturnal enuresis should be a trip to the doctor's office. Finding the underlying cause of the condition is an absolute must if treatment is to be successful. In the meantime there are a number of incontinence products that can give the child the confidence that they can mingle with friends without worrying about embarrassing accidents.

Incontinence pants or pads can be used during the day and an incontinence mattress cover or pad can provide protection at night. In most cases children simply grow out of nocturnal enuresis as they mature emotionally. Providing incontinence products can help speed that process along.

Nocturnal enuresis is just another name for bedwetting and it can affect both children and adults. For kids, bedwetting is just a part of growing up as the body needs to mature and fully develop the capacity to control urination. Normally children reach this stage by age 4 or 5. It's when bedwetting continues that it is considered nocturnal enuresis.

For adults, there is usually an underlying condition that is causing the problem and those conditions can run the gamut from weak pelvic floor muscles to excessive use of natural diuretics like caffeine and alcohol. If you are an adult and suffer from nocturnal enuresis, your first step in solving the problem is a visit to your doctor to determine the cause.

Children, like adults, associate bedwetting with shame. They know it's something they shouldn't do and become both frustrated and ashamed that they can't control it. Sometimes bedwetting can extend into the teens and can have a negative impact on the child's life particularly in their social development. What teenager wants to risk being found out by their friends as a bed wetter at a sleepover or at camp? Learning the cause and knowing how to manage the condition becomes exceptionally important in these cases.

So what can you do to manage bedwetting?

Well for children there are a number of products that can help train them to get up and go when the bladder is full. One of the most effective tools is a bedwetting alarm. This consists of a moisture sensor that is placed in the pants and is attached by a thin wire to an alarm worn on the collar. When moisture is detected the alarm goes off waking the child who then goes to the bathroom. This process trains the brain to understand the feeling when the bladder is full.

For adults there can be many treatments and it all depends on what the underlying cause is. However, while working on a cure, the condition can be managed using waterproof mattress covers to both protect the bed and to wick away moisture from the skin. Remember, nocturnal enuresis does not have to impact you or your child's life. There's help and all you have to do is find it.
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